March 1, 2016

The Value Of Charter Schools

We know that good & high quality, high standard education should be a right of every human being. But lately, most people think it has become a privilege in the society we live in today. Too often, we vilify the school system if our children are failing. But the good news that has been out there lately are the so-called charter schools.

But what exactly makes charter schools special? Charter schools, although under the banner of the local school district,  have the autonomy on how to run their school. These schools operate on a way that benefits their students more than a local public school. If you are lucky to live near a public school that’s a charter school, expect that the teachers are often more qualified to teach the subjects on those charter schools.

I see that on my children’s charter schools, they have more mentoring programs, tutoring programs & afterschool programs that offer a safe environment for the children while their parents are at work. Children even come home without needing to rush to finish their homework because they already did it during afterschool. So they come home ready to rest early to face the challenges of the next day.

And if your children are in a high school that offers AP(Advance Placement) classes in their school, you should encourage your child to take those so they can credit it towards college. It would save them time & money if they already took general courses while still in high school.

The world has now become a competitive place. Even universities & colleges in the United States are not only competing with the best of the best students from the whole American population but they are competing with the best of the best of the world. If you can supplement the educational needs of your children, whether it be art, music or sports, that might even enable them to get a scholarship in college from the school of their choice.

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