October 1, 2014

Christmas Gifts for Kids

dollhouse for girls

dollhouse for girls

Was there ever a time in your life where you wanted a gift so badly that you wished Santa would bring it on Christmas? When I was young, me and my friends always wanted to have a huge dollhouse that’s as tall as us. We kept writing to Santa to send us that gift. We reasoned that we were good the whole year. We wrote that we listened to our parents & helped clean our rooms, that we fed our pets and always asked permission before using anything in the house. But Santa forgot about our letters. And we were sad when the gifts we got for Christmas didn’t include a huge box w/ a ribbon on it. A huge box for us then meant that Santa had to put the dollhouse in the box or it will fall from the sleigh.

Fast forward to the future and here we are, now married mothers of little girls. And our mini-me just wants a dollhouse. With the internet always on, they can now browse online by themselves & have a variety of choices w/ regards to the dollhouse. And no, we can’t even tell them make-believe stories that they should write Santa & only Santa can give them the gift if they deserve it. The mystique & myth of Santa has been shattered by the advent of the internet. Little kids are much wiser now. This new generation knows that there’s lots of stores to choose from & they can just order online if Mommy doesn’t wanna take them to the store to buy their “toy of the year”. I’m glad my little girl isn’t that insistent on getting a dollhouse. But then I remembered my childhood dream. And I realized, maybe, just maybe, I can make it happen & we can cherish the moment when “Santa” finally read our letter & granted us our wish & we’ll wake up on Christmas morning w/ that big box w/ a bow under our Christmas tree.

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