September 2, 2014

About Audrine

sex woman wearing white flowy dress

The name Audrine Reese is just my online pseudonym, my internet persona. I’m a freelance writer & blogger & a mom of wonderful kids living in sunny Los Angeles. I love to travel, going to the beach, discover new things, eat good food & collect vintage teacups & vintage plates. I studied, lived & traveled in Asia & USA, visited several states in the USA but I’m now co-managing our small business here in California along w/ my husband.


Audrine Is A Mom is a mommy blog that talks about my many passions in life such as travel, fashion, food, education, books, health and anything and everything as I blog under the gorgeous California sky!


There are 3 ways to contact me. You can choose from either of the steps below:


1) Email me at audrinereese @
2) You can leave a comment under a post here in my blog
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